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Very rare

Ok featherweight collectors here is one of the earliest featherweights I have ever found. AD542967 which means it is the 1,421st featherweight to come off the production line of the Oct. 3rd 1933run, which is the very first run of the fabled featherweight. The only ones that bring more money than this are the original 1934 badge featherweights of which I have one of those also. If you are a collector and let this one slip away you have lost a rare opportunity to own one of the first featherweights ever made. It is completely original; it looks like it has the original bed feet still in good condition. It has the original style hook assembly and the case looks like the Sewhandy case, except it is black. The black finish is in good condition to be 85 years old, and the clear coat is not even dead. There is even an original Singer oil can,  $1,999.00








 222 featherweight. It has been converted from 220v to US 110 v. It has a box of attachments, extra bobbins,  It has a couple of scuff marks but still looks great and runs & sews great. Yes, it does have the bobbin case in it. . 





AJ797066, a 1950 featherweight up for sale at only $385.00. It comes with a case in good condition, accessories, and extra bobbins. The machine is in great sewing condition, but the black surface does have some mars and abrasions, but the graphics are still in good condition. Overall it is a smooth, dependable, featherweight for a small, reasonable price.   SOLD


We carry and have for sale several Singer featherweights;   featherweight parts;   and featherweight tables. We also carry the LED light bulbs for the featherweights, (black 221's only) as well as all the new feet that are coming out for them. We service, & repair, featherweights. Every once in a while, I might even paint one a different color. All items are subject to shipping charges and Florida tax for Fl. residents.  

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