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featherweight LED light bulbs for sale

featherweight LED light bulbs for sale


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  To contact us use: email: jjohnston2654@embarqmail.com, or phone number 352-867-8035 or cell 352-427-7803                                                                                                                                  

Ok ladies, what would be your favorite color if you repainted your featherweight? I just painted one a beautiful red, now trying to figure out what color for the next one, so let me know your favorite featherweight color, the winning number of entries of one color will get to see one in the near future. 

I am selling off all my old machines i use for parts, plus bins and boxs full of parts for old machines. There are probably 30 different motors for different machines. The copper alone would be worth almost that much, or more. If not gone by May they all go to the recycle center. Here's your chance for some good ebay stuff to sell.


I have added a new page to the site, it is for machines for sale that are not featherweights check it out, and there are more to come so come back often.


Here is a new surprise for everyone, it is up for grabs @ $250.00

2 stage light. The original light can be used as a night light, the upper light for a desk lamp. enjoy. jj and yes it is a real featherweight it just doesn't work anymore except as a lamp.


Class outline can be found on this web page under lectures and workshops.e now have 2 featherweight classes set up for the fall in 2 different locations. Here they are:

I am again opening up the featherweight maintenance classes at our shop.  I can hold classes for 1 to 6 persons at a time. Call 352-867-8035 for booking appointment. Class fee $50.00 per person.


Here is what our shop now looks like with the museum gone and the quilt machine in-service



The Old Sewing Machine Man

I am now going out of business, the museum is gone, and i will no longer be servicing and repairing or collecting . I will still play with my feaatherweights, and teaching classess on them as well as service and repair, but only on an appointment basis.

Please call (352) 867-8035 during normal  hours after 9am and before 4:30pm to make an appointment.


Effectve May 1, 2018 machines not claimed, after the shop has finished with them, for longer that 30 days will begin to acrue a $10.00 a month storage charge attached to the service call bill. Machines left more than 90 days will be disposed of as abandoned property, by any means the propriertor chooses.





This came in heavily damaged. The needle post was severly bent and the machine was froze up. It took me 4 days to straighten the needle post and another 2 to get the machine to turn. It still has some issues, but in time I will work those out. I started doing research and again ISMACS came to the rescue. It was in one or our quarterly issues. Turns out it is a glove sewing machine to sew the fingers closed on gloves. It also turns out that there are very few survivors of this machine as it was the first model. So without further ado here it is.

The needle plate is top of a long tube that has a very small circular needle inside.

The machine is a model 46K1. It was the very first Singer glove sewing machine to sew the fingers on gloves.

There are only a handfull known to have survived. It was made in the UK.


OUR NEWEST FIND FOR DEB'S QUILT COLLECTION!!!  It is from 1935 with an ice cream border.

This is a 1935 Dresden Plate quilt with a distinctive, yellow pattern , 4 pointed design in the center of each Dresden Plate, which is the same yellow pattern as in the ice cream cone border. This exact pattern and date was shown in one of our antique reference books. Lots of 30's feed sack materials in this one.

  I am down to only 2 featherweights left for sale at this time, and no time to go shopping, so if you have one you want to sell contact me!






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