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Machines for Sale


We have several featherweights for sale. I no longer put them on the page because they sell so fast i can't keep the page updated.


  My latest creation a LaVendora decaled featherweight with box and stuff $490.00 call me for more info.

 Singer model 12 head  for parts

$25.00   SOLD             

 Singer 99, nice, in wood dome box complete w/ knee crank  $65.00
 Singer 99 , very pretty, in dome box needs to be rewired


 Singer 99 blackside needs rewiring                                                                    $40.00

Singer 99 "Great Britian" needs work, but nice finish                                           $20.00

Singer 201 parts machine head motor runs                                                          $65.00

Damascus treadle head very nice w/shuttle                                                           $75.00

Singer 27 head nice, "as is" w/shuttle                                                                    $45.00

National 2 spool w/ spool case and works great condition                                     $100.00

Singer 15-91 centennial needs cleaning and wiring                              w/o wiring & foot $50.00 SOLD

                                             MORE TO COME LATER, JJ


Current machines for sale. If interested contact us. 




I am excited to offer this original 128 BLACK SIDE SINGER from 1947. Paint, graphics, blued items are all still in great shape. Would make a wonderful addition to anyone's commection, and for only $75.00 plus tax and shipping if you must.


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