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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. About our products: We deal in vintage and antique sewing machines, sewing collectibles, quilts, antique quilts, old and vintage sewing machine parts. We have a museum with several unique museum quality sewing machines which any and all could be bought

  2. About us: We have been in business for several years now. We are still very active in the vintage and antique sewing machine business where we repair, sell parts for, recondtion machines and cabinets, and our main line is still the Singer featherweights w

  3. About our service: We are a small shop but we are doing business all over the world due to parts orders for vintage and antique machine needs. We still sell, repair, recondition, restore, vintage and antique sewing machines. We have a museum of antique ma

  4. What is my machne worth: We get this question every day. There is no set value for sewing machines it is what ever you can get someone to pay for it. Prices of course depend on many factors, such as condition, rariety, model, etc.

  5. Do i do restorations? We are doing restorations again to the extent possible. Restoration on machine heads that have lost their pretty graphics...we can re-do some, but not all and be advised we must first disassemble the machine, prep it for paint, paint

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